Summertime and flabby arms are not a good combination. Having flabby arms makes one feel self-conscious when the temperatures get warm, and you want to wear short sleeves or sleeveless tops. While the areas on the body that store fat is mostly due to your genetics, it seems as though women especially find the stubborn fat deposits landing in their arms. While you might reduce the amount of fat deposits in your arms, it does tend to hang longer than those found in other areas of your body.

The Basics of Weight Gain and How it Affects Your Upper Arm

When you gain weight, your arms are also going to change with the extra pounds. In your arms, it will appear much quicker as ‘flab’ rather than the handle-like appearance on your sides, or the bulge on your abdomen. If you consume an extra one hundred calories a day, you are going to gain approximately one pound each month. This excess weight will eventually lead to fat deposits in your upper arm.

Your body can gain fat anywhere. Where it goes depends a lot on the shape of your body. Some gain weight quickly in their hips; others say any extra pounds they gain shows immediately on their abdomen. There are also those of you who will show the extra weight in your lower legs and upper arms.

The reasons behind weight gain involve several factors. One of the most significant factors is your diet. When you consume too much sugar along with refined grains, you will easily go over your recommended daily calorie intake. Some of the foods in these groups include baked goods, candies, bread, pasta, and soda.

Your body receives very little nutrition from sugar, and it is digested quickly, which causes your body to release insulin. Regular consumption of sugar can lead to increased levels of insulin. High insulin levels in your body are stored as fat, instead of being used for energy. If your body type stores its excess fat in the upper arm, you are going to see weight gain in that area, and other areas on your body too.

Some people feel they can exercise out the calories they consume from sugars or other junk food habits. This belief is unfounded and is unlikely to stop your weight gain. You have to address your diet as a whole, and incorporate healthy foods as your main source of food consumption. Your body needs a balanced eating plan that contains controlled portions of vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. These foods will support muscle development and healthy body shape.

Why Fat Deposits in the Upper Arm

There are different types of fat; the liver body form that causes you to have a protruding belly and the adrenal body type that causes your stomach to sag. There is also an ovary body type, which gathers below the waist like on your thighs and hips. There is also the thyroid body type, which spreads the fat all over. There is a link between the upper arm fat and increased breast tissue. People who have excess fat deposits in the upper arm also see an increase in their butt, thighs, and hips as well.

  • Ovary Body Type

    Your ovaries produce estrogen, and when this production gets out of control, it can cause excess fat to deposit on your hips, lower belly, and thighs. If ovaries become dysfunctional, they will trigger fat to accumulate on the hips. This deposit of fat is often referred to as ‘saddlebags’ or ‘love handles'.

  • Liver Body Type

    When your liver becomes damaged due to alcohol or poor diet, it is forced to make its own enzymes during your digestive process. The characteristic of your liver not functioning properly is developing a protruding belly.

  • Adrenal Body Type

    When you become over-stressed, your body begins to pump out excess cortisol, which is the belly fat hormone. The fat will build up in your middle sections and other areas of your body. As your body begins to accumulate excess fat deposits in the abdomen, it will move to the upper back and upper arm as it tries to compensate for the belly fat pulling you forward.

Lifestyles Affect Weight Gain in the Upper Arm

If you live a sedentary lifestyle, one that involves little to no active movements, and do not get enough sleep, you are at risk for your testosterone levels to drastically fall. The male sex hormone is testosterone, but women have a baseline level as well. Testosterone levels in both sexes are what support the sex drive, your ability to build muscles, and your energy levels. If your testosterone numbers are too low, your body may store fat and resist muscle development. Your upper arms can become the victims when you have a less-toned body by becoming flabby.

You are able to control your testosterone levels when you eat the proper amounts of protein, fish, eggs, dairy, legumes, and beans. If you are planning a diet plan, you should plan on including about 0.50 grams of any combination of these products per your body weight, so you maintain good health.

Create a workout routine to address all your muscle groups and include some weight-lifting activities. Mix up your weekly cardio exercises and try to incorporate stress-reduction sessions such as a yoga class or meditating. Another important part of your routine should include getting at least seven hours, preferably eight hours of sleep each night. Getting the proper sleep every night will regulate your hunger hormones and give your body more energy.

  • Common cardio exercises are running, swimming, brisk walking, cycling, rowing, or cross-country skiing. If you work out in a gym, try using the step machines, stationary cycles, rowing machines, elliptical trainers, treadmills, or the ski trainer.

How to Lose Fat in your Upper Arm

As a person ages, the muscles can atrophy, which is why you may be noticing a wiggling of flab on your upper arm. There are some exercises you can perform to help you restore some of the firmness of those muscles. By performing some exercises and losing weight, you can achieve a toned look to your arm muscles when you slim down.

  • Atrophy

    Muscle atrophy is when you have a decreased mass in your muscles. This process can be the result of a partial or complete wasting away of your muscle. This occurrence is most common in those who suffer disabling situations such as being restricted in their movements or confined to a bed.

    The main reason this occurs is due to a lack of physical activity. Atrophied muscles are smaller than normal, and when prolonged lack of use occurs, the body will break them down further to conserve energy.

To lose some of the flab that has started to gather under your upper arm, you would have to begin a comprehensive weight-loss program. With a reduced-calorie diet and more physical movement, you could start to see a reduction of fat deposits on your body. A workout plan will help you strengthen your arms and achieve some firmness; however, The American Council on Exercise says spot reduction of fat deposits is not possible.

By performing strength-training exercises, you can firm your muscles, but it will not burn fat away just on your upper arm. You can improve the look of your upper arm, though, by reducing your calorie intake and participating in aerobic exercises.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) recommends a person perform aerobic exercises every day to burn fat. They also state that by doing at least 150 minutes of cardio exercises weekly, you can help you burn calories and reduce fat buildup. To improve the appearance of your upper arm area, you can perform strength training to build your triceps. The triceps are the muscles at the back of your upper arm. Perform some cable pushdowns, tricep extensions, or overhead triceps extensions to firm up those muscles.

The biceps are the muscles at the front of your upper arm. To build these muscles and improve the look of your arm, perform biceps curls, concentration curls, or hammer curls. For both the triceps and bicep exercises, you should plan for six to twelve repetitions to achieve the growth of the muscles by performing three to six sets of these exercises each week.

Remove Fat Deposits in the Upper Arm

You can tone up your body and begin a diet program with exercise to reduce your weight gain. What you cannot achieve is spot removal of fat deposits through either of these plans. You can; however, contact Fat Freeze Sculpting to perform CoolSculpting on your upper arm to remove the fat deposits creating that flabby look. This procedure is non-invasive and will freeze the subcutaneous fat deposits in your upper arm. This cooling technology causes fat cells to die and be sent through your body’s natural elimination process.

Cryolipolysis, a fat freezing process, or otherwise known as CoolSculpting is a method involving a non-invasive cooling of the fatty buildup in the body to break down the fat cells. When these fat cells are frozen and broken down, it results in a reduction of body fat. This process is done without causing damage to any surrounding tissue by the cells containing excess fat.

CoolSculpting can be done to the fat deposits in your upper arm. This treatment uses the cellular response that is applied cold to break down your fatty tissue. Energy is extracted from the fat layers, which causes them to die gradually, while it leaves the muscles, nerves, and other tissues in the area unaffected. Once the cells containing excess fat die, the digested fat cells are sent to your lymphatic system and will get filtered out as waste over the next several months.

How is CoolSculpting Performed on the Upper Arm?

At Fat Freeze Sculpting, a trained medical professional performs the CoolSculpting procedure with a device they can hold in their hands. This device looks like the end of the machine you use to vacuum. When the doctor is ready to begin the process, they will apply an applicator and gel pad to each arm. The applicator is used to deliver cooling through a controlled procedure to cool the fat deposits in your upper arm. This handheld device will then act as a suction as it is moved across the skin as it performs the cooling technology.

While undergoing this procedure, you may feel a slight pinch or pull in your upper arm where the treatment is being applied, but overall there is minimal pain involved. The doctor will massage your upper arm once they have treated the fat deposits to rearrange any deep tissue that has frozen. By breaking this tissue into smaller particles, the body can start to dissolve the dead fat cells. It should take about thirty-five minutes to complete each upper arm.

Are There Side Effects From a CoolSculpting Procedure on the Upper Arm?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given this procedure its approval. You will experience a fast recovery, and it is non-invasive. Once the treatment is complete, and the freezing process begins to wear off, you may feel some discomfort or pain. If you are sensitive to cold, you may also feel some discomfort during the treatment.

Some people have reported these side effects during an upper arm CoolSculpting:

  • Pulling of the skin in the treated upper am
  • Cramping sensations in the treated areas
  • Feelings of extreme cold on your upper arm as cooling technology is applied
  • Tingling in the treated areas
  • Stinging on your skin of the area on your upper arm receiving treatment

Once the upper arm has been treated with CoolSculpting, some patients have reported:

  • Sensitive skin in the treated areas
  • Redness where the applicator was moved over the skin on the upper arm
  • Cramping in the treated areas
  • Bruising of the area that received treatment
  • The skin can feel tender where the device was moved
  • There can also be swelling in the treated areas

You want to ensure you have an experienced medical professional performing your CoolSculpting procedure such as those at Fat Freeze Sculpting. Your arm has a nerve called the ulnar nerve. This nerve runs the entire length of your arm from the fingers to the neck. It is extremely rare to damage this nerve with a CoolSculpting procedure, but you want a doctor with experience doing your treatment to avoid this possible damage. If this nerve is damaged, it could result in long-term numbness of your arm.

Before you have any CoolSculpting treatment, you should consult with your primary medical doctor to make sure you are healthy enough for this type of procedure. You should also talk with the medical professional at Fat Freeze Sculpting and discuss all the benefits and risks involved with CoolSculpting.

What Can I Expect After a CoolSculpting is Performed on My Upper Arm?

In some cases, you may experience mild soreness-like sensation or some redness can appear in the treated upper arm. These symptoms typically disappear after a few weeks. You should experience no downtime once the treatment is complete, and you will be ready to resume regular activity right away.

Within about three weeks, you will begin to notice a difference in the appearance of your upper arm. By the end of the second month, in some cases, in the third month, you should see your goal achieved. The process of flushing fat out of your body; however, will continue for the next six months.

How Can I Prepare for a Procedure on My Upper Arm?

There is not a lot of preparation necessary for having a CoolSculpting treatment. You should have consulted with your primary medical doctor to ensure they feel the procedure is right for you and that you are in good health. You should also be close to what you would consider an ideal weight as this treatment is not recommended for someone who is obese.

CoolSculpting is not a program for one to lose weight, and for someone who is exceptionally overweight would, they would not be a good candidate for this treatment.

Before going to your CoolSculpture appointment at Fat Freeze Sculpting, you should stay away from taking any anti-inflammatories. Aspirin is one anti-inflammatory to avoid as it could cause you to bruise much easier during the treatments.

Which is a Better Choice for Removing Fat From My Upper Arm- CoolSculpting or Laser Lipo?

CoolSculpting and laser liposuction are both intended as fat-reduction treatments with little to no downtime along with quick recovery time. These procedures will have end results of removing fat deposits from specific areas of your body, including:

  • Under your chin
  • Abdomen
  • Sides or flanks often called your love handles
  • Upper portion of your thighs
  • Upper arm

While the results are the same, you want to reduce fat deposits in your body that are making you feel uncomfortable or have become embarrassing. The process of achieving your goal is different. These are some of the comparisons between the two treatments:

  • What are the procedures?
    • CoolSculpting is a cosmetic treatment that is noninvasive as it uses a cooling handheld device to freeze the fat deposits underneath your skin.
    • Laser liposuction is also a cosmetic treatment, but it is a minimally invasive procedure used in its process of melting fat deposits under your skin.
  • How safe are the procedures?
    • Coolsculpting and laser lipo have both been approved as effective and safe treatments to remove fat deposits under a person’s skin. Both of these procedures include minimal side effects.
  • How convenient are the procedures?
    • After your CoolSculpting treatment, you will be allowed to return to your normal daily activities the same day as the procedure was done.
    • Laser lipo will require a few days of downtime to recover from the treatment.
  • How effective are the two procedures?
    • CoolSculpting and laser lipo will provide permanent results. The results will remain permanent in your upper arm area as long as you follow a healthy lifestyle, including eating right and exercising.

CoolSculpting Versus Laser Lipo to Remove Fat from Upper Arm

A CoolSculpting treatment is non-invasive and is performed to destroy fat deposits in your upper arm. Laser lipo does involve a minimally invasive technique, which requires local anesthesia. Laser lipo is safe for those with different skin types, and both procedures have few to little side effects.

To perform a CoolSculpting treatment, your medical professional will use a handheld device to apply the cooling technology to targeted fat deposits in your upper arm. It will feel extremely cold for a few minutes, and you may feel some tugging where treatment is applied until it becomes numb while the treatment is completed.

With a laser lipo treatment, you remain awake while the medical professional numbs the upper arm with a local anesthetic, so you do not feel the discomfort. They will proceed to make a small incision in your skin, so a tiny laser can be placed under the skin to liquefy the fat deposits. A little tube or cannula is then inserted to pull the melted fat out from underneath your skin.

Once the CoolSculpting treatment is completed, your frozen fat cells will die and be processed through your body’s system as waste. This process can take two to three months before you will notice results in your upper arm.

Laser lipo carries the same side effects and risks as traditional liposuction except on a smaller scale. The results of this procedure are immediate, but the downtime is more extended than with CoolSculpting as it will require about two days before you can return to normal activity.

CoolSculpting procedures take, on average, from thirty-five to sixty minutes. Laser lipo procedures take, on average, approximately one hour to complete.

Your results from a CoolSculpting treatment will take about three weeks for you notice a change in your upper arm. The final results or your goal appearance can take from two to four months after the treatment. With a laser lipo procedure, you should see a fat reduction in your upper arm immediately. There may be some initial swelling or bruising, but once this has subsided, changes will be visible. It may take up to six months for you to see your goal appearance in your upper arm.

Find a Los Angeles CoolSculpting Clinic Near Me to Remove Fat From My Upper Arm

If you are ready to lose that embarrassing flabby fatty area under your upper arm, call Fat Freeze Sculpting at 310-919-5296. Using innovative cooling technology, we can target the fat cells causing your upper arm to sag and remove it permanently. Stop worrying about what shirt you wear or trying to hide your upper arm, and let us help you look your very best.