The excess fat or flab depositing under your chin, or your submental area is referred to as a double chin. This condition is common in both males and females and happens when fat forms below your chin, often due to weight gain. While weight gain is a common reason for this development, it isn’t always the cause.

Causes of the Double Chin

When you notice there is a fatty area developing under your once smooth chin or submental area, it is caused by excess fat deposits. There are numerous causes for this body change, and understanding them can aid you in getting rid of these fat deposits.

  • Weight and Diet

    You don’t have to experience gain in your body weight to develop excess fat deposits in your submental area. It is a common cause for the double chin if your diet consists of high calorie, processed foods; however, it is not the only reason people develop fat in this area of the body.

  • Age

    As you get older, your skin becomes less elasticity, and this can lead to sagging or extra skin in the submental area, creating the double chin.

  • Posture

    If you have poor posture, this can cause your muscles to weaken around your chin and neck. Over time, this weakening of the muscles will allow your skin to become loose and lose its elasticity. When this occurs, you will develop what is called the double chin.

  • Genetics

    Your genetics play a significant part in whether or not you will develop the double chin. If your family has a history of the skin losing its elasticity in the submental area, then chances are you will develop a double chin.

Can You Exercise Remove the Double Chin?

There is no scientific evidence to prove exercise will remove a double chin, but there have been reliable personal accounts where people have reduced the fat in the submental area through exercise.

These are a few of the exercises people have done where they claim there have been improvements in their double chin appearance:

  • Exercise with a ball

    Take a nine to ten-inch ball and place it under your chin. Press your chin down against the ball to hold it in place, release the pressure, but do not let the ball fall. Repeat the application of force against the ball and release it, but keep the ball in place. Repeat this motion 25 times every day.

  • Stretch your tongue

    Keeping your head in a straight, forward position, stick your tongue out as far as it will reach. From the straight-out position, lift your tongue up and toward your nose. Hold your tongue in this stretched position for approximately ten seconds and release. Repeat this stretching exercise ten times each day.

  • Jaw jut- bottom

    Begin by tipping your head back and looking upward. Turn your head to the right while sliding your bottom jaw forward. Hold your jaw out as far as comfortable for about ten seconds and release. Repeat this jutting of your jaw with head tilting to the left. Repeat the jutting by alternating from the right to the left ten times for each side every day.

  • Jaw jut- straight

    Tip your head as far back as comfortable and look upwards. Push your lower jaw forward until you feel a stretch in the muscles of the submental area. Stay in this position for about ten seconds and relax. Return your head to a neutral position and repeat the exercise ten more times each day.

  • Ceiling kiss

    Tip your head back as far as comfortable and look up. Purse lips as though you are trying to send a kiss to the ceiling to stretch the submental area. Stop the pucker and return your head to a neutral position. Repeat the exercise ten times each day.

  • Stretch the neck

    Begin with tilting your head back as far as comfortable and look up towards the ceiling. Take your tongue and press it firmly against the roof of your mouth, and hold the position for ten seconds, then release. Repeat this movement ten times each day.

Can Diet Remove Fat from the Submental Area?

If fat has deposited in your submental area because of weight gain, you may be able to get rid of your double chin by improving your diet. The best and safest way to lose weight is to eat healthily and exercise. Some of the foods you can incorporate into your diet include:

  • Three servings of fruit every day
  • Four servings of vegetables daily
  • Stay away from foods that are considered ‘processed’
  • Replace the refined grains you eat with whole grains
  • Use healthier fats such as nuts, avocados, and olive oil
  • Eat more fish and poultry which are leaner proteins
  • Stay away from foods that have been fried
  • Eat low-fat dairy products
  • Reduce the amount of sugars you consume
  • Eat smaller portions at mealtime

As your total body fat begins to decrease, you should see your face becoming thinner. Eating right along with a healthy exercise routine helps to reduce body fat. Exercise will not; however, target a specific part of your body. If you have tried exercise and diet and are still experiencing fat deposits in your submental area, creating a double chin, you may want to try the CoolSculpting procedure.

What is CoolSculpting, and How Does it Help the Submental Area?

CoolSculpting is not a surgical procedure. It is a patented technique, which can reduce fat deposits in specific areas of the body. This technique is based on the science of cryolipolysis and addresses targeted areas of fat that are considered stubborn and hard to remove through exercise or diet.

  • Cryolipolysis

    Cryolipolysis is the ‘freezing of fat,’ which involves a new technique involving a non-invasive cooling or ‘freezing’ of body fat. Freezing the body fat breaks down those fat cells in the body to reduce the amount of fat cells in a specific area of the body without damaging tissues surrounding the fat.

Coolsculpting was cleared by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in 2012 as a non-invasive treatment, not requiring anesthesia. The treatment is able to target fat deposits in your abdomen, sides, upper arms, inner and outer thighs, as well as your submental area or chin.

The side effects of this procedure are minimal to none, and you will experience no downtime so that you can resume daily activities after treatment. This technique is available through Fat Freezing Sculpting and is performed by a trained physician.

How is CoolSculpting Performed for the Submental Area?

Fat cells in your body are frozen through the CoolSculpting procedure, which involves high temperatures being targeted at the fat deposits in your submental area. This procedure allows the specialists at Fat Freezing Sculpting to target the fat cells beneath your skin and freeze them to trigger a process that will cause them to die naturally.

The fat cells responsible for causing your double chin are treated to become crystalized or frozen, and they will actually die after the treatment. The fat cells in the submental area will crystalize faster than your normal cells, so there is no damage to your skin or the surrounding tissue or nerves. Over time these cells begin to shrink and die, and your body will eliminate them through a natural process and leave your chin with a more sculpted look. This procedure is much different from performing exercises or establishing a diet routine. When the fat cells are treated, they are gone, not just reduced; they are gone for good.

During a CoolSculpting treatment, your specialist at Fat Freezing Sculpting will start the process by treating your submental area with gels. They will then vacuum over your submental area and over the fatty tissue deposited there to deliver cold temperatures at 4 degrees Celsius to the fat cells. This vacuum-like technique freezes the fat cells in your double chin and numbs the area. Patients report they feel a cooling sensation while the process is being done.

This application will permanently freeze the fat cells in your submental area without causing harm to your blood, body water, or any other cells in the surrounding area. The applicator used by your physician at Fat Freezing Sculpting has a suction effect that may cause you to feel some mild pinching or tugging in the targeted area. The sensations are mild as the area being worked on is numbed.

Following your CoolSculpting treatment of the submental area, the cells damaged by the freezing process will begin to die. As they die, your body will eliminate them through your natural elimination process. These cells do not grow back and are not replaced by other fat cells in the area treated. These cells also do not settle in other areas of your body.

Over the next three months, you will begin to notice a significant reduction of your double chin. Desired changes can be noticeable in as little as fourteen days following your treatment, but it generally takes eight weeks to see dramatic results.

How to Prepare for a CoolSculpting Treatment of the Submental Section

You do not have much preparation for the CoolSculpting treatment, other than scheduling an appointment with Fat Freezing Sculpting to ensure you are a good candidate for the procedure. People who are seriously overweight or obese are not good candidates for CoolSculpting. Those who are healthy and close to their ideal weight are the best candidates, as this procedure is not a weight loss program. CoolSculpting is designed to help those who have developed body bulges in areas that are either unsightly or uncomfortable.

The process of CoolSculpting can cause some bruising from the suction used, so it is good for you to stay away from anti-inflammatories such as aspirin before your treatment. Staying away from medicines such as aspirin will help to reduce any bruising effect that can occur.

What Side Effects or Risks Exist with CoolSculpting the Submental Area?

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has approved the cold-assisted CoolSculpting treatments. Based on clinical trials they have examined, they have stated this procedure is safe and efficient, with no adverse side effects or risks. There has been a study performed to check if this process of damaged fat cells being eliminated through the body's natural elimination process can affect a person’s liver. The results of the investigation showed that the treatment of CoolSculpting does not make fat levels go up in the blood and causes no significant harm to your liver.

The CoolSculpting technique is a non-invasive treatment and presents mild to no side effects while you undergo treatment. Some of the sensations experienced by patients include:

  • A sensation of intense cold
  • A tingling feeling
  • Some slight stinging in the targeted area
  • A pulling in the area when the applicator is used
  • An aching sensation of the treated area
  • Some cramping of the muscles in specific areas targeted by CoolSculpting

When patients do experience any of these mild side effects, they generally go away quickly as the submental area becomes numb. Once the numbness wears off, you could experience short-lived side effects that will diminish within a few days and include:

  • Redness in your submental area
  • A slight swelling of the double chin
  • Some bruising where treatment was applied
  • Tenderness of the submental area
  • An achy feeling in the area receiving treatment
  • Cramping
  • Your skin may be sensitive in the submental area for a few days following treatment

How to Know CoolSculpting is For My Double Chin?

The CoolSculpting treatment works for both females and males and targets areas of bulging fat in the inner and outer thighs, upper arms, abdomen, flanks, and chin or submental area. It will work best for those who are within thirty pounds of their ideal weight as it is a contouring service, not a weight loss solution.

CoolSculpting is designed to remove unsightly pockets of fat in areas such as your submental area that cause a double chin to form. It is not intended to be an obesity solution or removal of excessive weight.

Other Treatments for Submental Area Fat or Double Chin

There are other treatments people have tried to remove fat or flabby skin from their submental area. These treatments do not present the same reliable results as CoolSculpting. You may have heard of treatments others have used while attempting to remove their double chin.

  • Masks

    There are a lot of facial masks on the market that claims they are able to tighten the skin on your submental area and reduce the look of a double chin. Some of the more popular include the coffee or green tea mask, or the glycerin face mask. Some have used a mask containing honey, lemon juice, and egg whites to eliminate or reduce the fat in their chin area.

  • Kybella

    Kybella is an FDA (Food and Drug Administration) prescription drug. It is used by adults to improve the looks of their profile when they have moderate to severe fat deposits in their submental area. There have been no studies to show this prescription will help fat deposits in any other area of the body.

    The active ingredient in Kybella is a synthetic deoxycholic acid. This acid is a natural molecule that occurs in the human body and aids in breaking down and absorbing dietary fat. When a physician injects this acid into your submental area, it will destroy fat cells, so they are no longer able to store or accumulate fat.

    Each treatment of Kybella is administered by a trained physician and involves multiple small injections in your submental area. The process of delivering the numerous doses lasts about twenty minutes. The number of injections you will receive depends on the amount of fat in your double chin.

    Kybella is a non-surgical procedure just as the CoolSculpting treatment. The treatment process for Kybella requires between two and four applications, while CoolSculpting can be completed in one visit. The injections for the Kybella process takes from five to fifteen minutes and can cause severe pain lasting six to eight hours. A session of CoolSculpting is completed in approximately thirty minutes with little to no side effects.

    Kybella and CoolSculpting yield similar results for removing a double chin or the fat deposits in your submental area. The Kybella treatment may work for someone with mild to moderate submental fat, but if you have a large amount of fat deposits under your chin, the CoolSculpting procedure will work best for you. For many, the choice between these two procedures comes down to the cost, how much downtime they can afford, and how will they like needles.

  • Mesotherapy

    In a mesotherapy treatment, there are enzymes, hormones, plant extracts, or vitamins injected into your submental area to rejuvenate or tighten the skin and remove fat excess. This treatment began as a pain relief method and later became a treatment for removing fat in areas such as the hips, legs, arms, stomach, thighs, and chin.

    With a technique using very tiny needles, an injection series is done to the submental area in your middle section of the skin. The results are expected to fix your underlying issues which may be causing fat to deposit in the area such as poor circulation or inflammation.

    There isn’t a set or definite formula for the injections. Doctors use a number of solutions, including antibiotics, thyroxine, vasodilators, calcitonin, hyaluronidase, herbal extracts, collagenase, minerals, or vitamins.

    The reason behind mesotherapy not being used by as many patients as those using CoolSculpting is that the FDA has not given their approval for this technique. While they may have approved some of the solutions injected by themselves as safe and effective, they have not approved the procedure for injecting them into the submental area.

  • Liposculpting

    Liposculpting sounds a lot like liposuction and is much the same thing. Liposuction removes fat cells from specific sections of the body, but liposculpting is designed to remove fat in areas such as the submental areas to sculpt your appearance. With the liposculpting there is a bit more involved than the liposuction procedure. These are both surgical procedures, but with liposculpting more body contouring is performed. There are a number of procedures done, such as removing skin and fat from the targeted area.

    A surgeon will remove fat from the submental area by making a small incision into your chin and use a small tube under your skin to remove excess fat from the area. The tube will move the fat, release it, and then grab it again to remove it through suction. The fat removed is processed, purified, and can be transferred to other areas if you have any parts of your body you would like enhanced.

    CoolSculpting and Liposculpting are very different approaches to removing a double chin. You should receive the same outcome from both, but one is non-invasive, and the other requires surgery with anesthesia. Liposcuplting will require full general anesthesia along with a tiny cut or incision into your submental area to reach the fat deposits. A recovery period for this procedure can take up to four weeks, with swelling and bruising likely in the area.

    CoolSculpting is non-invasive and will not require the use of anesthesia. The method of CoolSculpting includes a disposable gel pad with a cooling head applied to the targeted area to activate a suction motion. Although there may be some discomfort as the tissue is first being pulled, once the area is numb, you should feel little to no side effects. CoolSculpting results in no downtime, and regular routines can be resumed following treatments.

    Making a choice between Liposculpting and CoolSculpting comes down to how aggressively you want to battle the fat deposits. It also depends on how well you can handle surgery, and how long you can afford to be down while recovering from the treatment. Anesthesia is often a concern for patients and another factor to consider when deciding between the two procedures.

Treat Submental Fat Using CoolSculptng in Los Angeles

If you want to lose your double chin, call Fat Freezing Sculpting today at 310-919-5296. When diet and exercise do not remove those unsightly areas of fat deposits, we can help you achieve a more sculpted look, so you feel better about yourself.