At Fat Freeze Sculpting, we are dedicated to making you feel and look remarkable. As a boutique medi-spa, our doctors and staff are committed to client comfort and will provide you a relaxed atmosphere in an environment full of positive energy.

We are an exceptional patient-centric clinic that offers comprehensive medical and cosmetic services. You will receive the highest quality skin care available, and by using leading-edge technology, we will redefine your experience to the doctor’s office. At Fat Freeze Sculpting, you can begin a lifetime journey towards excellent appearance and skin health.

The science of CoolSculpting provided at Fat Freezing Sculpting is getting rid of your stubborn fat. While you were a child and through your adolescent years, the number of fat cells in your body was set and has varied little since you’ve become an adult. Some people have what is called ‘stubborn’ pockets of fat that are more difficult to lose, no matter how they exercise or diet.

These stubborn pockets are different in each person as we all carry our fat in various areas of our bodies. CoolSculpting technology allows us to fat-freeze these trouble areas with long-term results. The fat retained in your ‘stubborn’ pockets does not like cold and at a specific temperature will freeze. When the stubborn fat in those pockets become frozen, your body will eliminate it through a natural process within two to six months. You will end up with twenty to twenty-five percent less fat in the areas treated with CoolSculpting. 

CoolSculpting technology is not a weight loss treatment; it is for those of you who are looking to reduce fat in one of nine areas of the body where stubborn fat collects. This FDA-cleared treatment will help you lose visible fat bulges under your chin, under your jawline, in your abdomen, flank, thigh, or underneath your bra, (often known as back fat), the banana roll found under some buttocks, or from your upper arm. This FDA-cleared treatment can also affect the appearance of lax tissue found within your submental area.

Our Offices

Located in the heart of Torrance, CA our offices provide the newest technology along with an extremely comfortable and relaxed environment. Our team prides itself on the utmost professionalism, unparalleled skill, and the happiness of our client before, during, and after their session at our offices.

Fat Freeze Sculpting by Enlighten is the clinic of choice for individuals looking to achieve real results without the real pain of invasive procedures.

Our Ethics

The doctors here at Fat Freeze Sculpting have a wealth of experience, and we take the time to discuss your needs and expected outcome, so we can build a unique treatment plan to meet your individual needs. Your plan will gradually enhance your features and give you a natural-looking appearance. With the revolutionary procedure of CoolSculpting, your body fat will be targeted in a non-invasive, safe way and you will soon say ‘good-bye’ to those love handles, or the extra fat around your chin and abs.  CoolSculpting is today’s answer to removing excess fat in any problematic area of your body.

At Fat Freeze Sculpting, it is our goal to provide you with a high standard of excellence and to help you improve and maintain the contour of your body. When you schedule a consultation with our doctor, you will receive the undivided attention you deserve to discuss your goals and your options for achieving those goals. Call us today at310-919-5296 and make an appointment.